Le résumé de 5000 kms en terres Marocaines en 10 minutes

Après de nombreuses heures de montage, voici le résumé, en vidéo, de notre périple Marocain 🙂 :



2 réponses sur “Le résumé de 5000 kms en terres Marocaines en 10 minutes”

  1. Good Afternoon folks,
    I live in Nevada, Mo and am a motorcyclist as well , just not on the same scale. I have a trip planned with my uncle in the summer of 2020 to ride to Alaska. I wish you good luck, safe travels and Godspeed as you continue on your trip!
    PS – I hope you enjoyed Nevada!

    1. Hi Kent, we saw your note on my bike this morning, what a lovely gesture ??
      We only stayed one night in Nevada but we liked it very much.
      We would love to ride to Alaska, I hope you will enjoy it.
      Take care and safe travels ?

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